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Couch in a Box

Objekt has something special to share with you. We are now shipping our new range of “couch in a box solutions”, so you can get fantastic stylish furniture in your home for the lowest possible price. This is not the only couch in a box on the market, but it is the best, and if you keep reading, we’ll tell you why.

Objekt’s couch in a box saves you money

This is the most obvious reason to buy a couch in a box from Objekt. It’s cheaper than buying a couch that’s not in a box. When you buy a couch the traditional way, it’s going to be shipped to you already assembled, but it’s unlikely you’ll be the only delivery the store makes on the journey. This is important.

Shipping fully assembled couches (and perhaps other furniture at the same time) means the truck is filled with a lot of empty space. Furthermore, to protect the assembled furniture from scrapes, scratches, and breakage, it needs to be wrapped and strapped.

What this means is the deliverer can only take a small number of items per journey, which means much higher costs. Guess who ends up paying those costs, even when the supplier supposedly includes “free delivery”.

Free delivery is not what it sounds like. What it really means is the supplier has already included the cost of shipping in the retail price. So if you buy it directly from the supplier and take it home yourself, you’re paying for shipping that you never get. The bottom line is your couch just costs more.

When you buy your couch from Objekt, however, it amazingly transforms your purchase from a low value position to a high value position. This is because when we pack our products flat in boxes, there is no wasted truck space and the products are already protected from damage by the box itself.

Objekt’s couch in a box is easy to assemble

If you’re looking to buy a couch in a box that’s easy to put together, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we’ve made our couches so ridiculously easy to assemble that you probably won’t even need to look at the instructions!

Lots of options to choose from

Some sellers of these types of products have limited choices, but with Objekt you’ll find a good choice in style, colour, and sizes.

Amazingly comfortable

It could be that you expect a couch in a box would be lacking a bit in comfort, but we can assure you Objekt’s is not just another couch in a box company. Our products are super comfy, and a true luxury item at a cheap price (not a cheap item at a luxury price).

It’s more convenient to buy a couch in a box online

This is another good reason to buy from Objekt. You don’t need to go driving all over town checking out furniture stores. You can browse our full range from the comfort of your own home, and what’s even better is you can actually look around you and visualise how that couch is going to look once it is installed.

For the best value, buy from Objekt

We’re providing luxurious couches at rock bottom prices by cutting down all the incidental costs and making luxury couches more affordable for Australian consumers. Our couch in a box also comes with free delivery and returns and as we’ve also got a reputation as the couch in a box company that offers extra long warranties too.

If you want the best value on a new couch in Australia, buy a couch in a box online from Objekt and then think about all the things you can buy with the money you saved by doing so.

Our furniture will make your home interior more beautiful and you’ll sit even more comfortably knowing that this superb couch cost you much less than it would have if you bought it from a retail store.

Objekt is an online discount furniture store that specialise in couches, sofas & lounges. Check out our selection online and buy your sofa today.

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